Atelier Rehwaldt

Landscape architecture studio at FA ČVUT Prague

Havlíčkovo náměstí, Kladno-Švermov

remodelation of an obsolete public space and adjacent park

spring 2020 scale: small AU: ATVZ, ATV KA: Atelier II, Atelier III, Master

The main square of Kladno-Švermov forms an important connection between its two parts, Motyčín and Hnidousy, with a bus stop and several shops. In the adjacent park, there is a World War II monument. The square is situated in a valley and a stream flows under it – not far from here, the stream goes through a park with sports facilities forming a recreational background for Švermov. These days, the place is used mostly as a parking lot and is burdened with heavy traffic from a road going along the square. Also, there are height differences within the square, that result in barriers for movement.  

The aim of the task is to redesign the square so that the space works better for its original purpose, which is meeting people, and the space should be better adapted for pedestrians.

The assignment will run in cooperation with the town of Kladno.