Atelier Rehwaldt

Landscape architecture studio at FA ČVUT Prague

from what to how through why


Now your project becomes more concrete. You are on your way from concept to form. Have a strategy, a functional program, a big box of ideas. But how do you find the form for it? The path from the what to the how leads through the big why. And it is the most difficult part of the project. With rocky mountains, dangerous crevasses, dead ends and traps. The entire design, the positions and figures of the individual elements must be questionable: Why are you here? Why do you look like that? And you as designers must be able to give the reasons for all your decisions at the end. Sure, the place gives you some answers. The topology, the local identity. And also the functions provide solutions. Form follows function. But often the answers are not clear and let you further doubt. Usually there are different variants to find the perfect form. In order to support you (but maybe to confuse you even more), there will be a short lecture on form-finding in landscape architecture on Monday. It starts about 14:30.